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Create A Shift

Anyone can create a shift. Its free and takes a minute.

So if you need someone fast, then its time to get Shiifty.

Revolutionary Way Of Finding Work

Its a free app, to help you pick up work that suits your interests.

There are no hidden costs, no download fees, no external ads, just social tech revolutionising the way we find the people we need.

What is Shiifty?

Our mission is to remove barriers that prevent people from finding suitable work, while at the same time increasing quality of work and speed of employment.


You pay the person during or at the end of the shift, effortlessly and securely through the app. Adjusting the hours to match the time they worked.

Peer Review

At the end of a shift both parties may leave feedback to help guide fellow Shiifty users, enhancing quality of employment.


To make things as easy as possible, we provide automatic invoice emails, so you never have to worry about the paper trail.

Create Shifts For Free

Anyone can create a shift for free, 24/7. With built in templates and guidance you have full control to define the nature of a shift, for an amount you want to pay. It can take less than a minute and costs nothing.

Notify Relevant People

Once a free shift has been created the app instantly notifies everyone that meets your requirements. Application response times can be within seconds. Select someone close by and they could start within minutes.


You select the applicant thats right for you and only at this point will you make a small payment to Shiifty. Your preferred applicant arrives promptly, dressed appropriately, according to your shift requirements.

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