CREATE SHIFTS – They are free to create

Anyone can create a shift. And its free to create and submit your shift. If you need a professional or helping hand or perhaps advice from an expert, instantly notify hundreds of people in your area that are actively looking for the work you are offering. The shift could be as short as 30 minutes up to, well whatever it takes. You can adjust the shift hours at the end of the shift if required, then pay the person directly through the app when you are happy.


Through Shiifty you can find last minute peer reviewed staff to cover absentees or late employees. You can create and place a shift ad within a minute.  You pay nothing until you find someone you like and actively wish to offer that person the shift. We have had people turn up within 15 minutes of someone creating a shift, because they are local.


Recruiting? Create a shift that represents a full/part time position you want to fill in your company. Shiifty sends out notifications to relevant and interested people. Accept your favourite applicant. During their shift(s), review your applicants abilities. If you are happy, offer them the full/part-time position. Potentially saving thousands, by avoiding recruitment businesses and getting it wrong.


Create a shift for a Face Painter, Party Magician and Clown. Book a Band, arrange Catering shifts, a Photographer, Flower Arranger and a Cleaner for afterwards. Bar Staff or even festival events at short notice.


Trade your skills and spare time for extra money. Use Shiifty to help you switch careers or set up a new business. Start small, use your spare time to gather new clients, as you get your new enterprise off the ground.
You could build custom PCs for families throughout your town, or start your own local bicycle delivery service rivalling any major courier/taxi employers. Or walk dogs for OAPs one day, provide a flat pack furniture building service the next, then mow someone’s lawn and tidy their garden the day after. Maybe you have skills in video editing and can provide a service to shoot, produce, edit video for local bands or family events.
All of this can be set up within a minute of getting the Shiifty app.


  • Fill last minute shifts with skilled people
  • Offer full contracts at the end of successful shifts, to avoid high recruitment costs
  • Supplement a full time team with a versatile workforce that can be called on as required
  • Build your list of reliable Shiifty Freelancers to contact for future shifts
  • Read reviews and find your next reliable Freelancer