Revolutionising the way you get work. Shifts sent directly to your phone.

You decide what you earn, where to work and when. Use Shiifty to earn when you need it, doing something you enjoy. Get notified on your phone of relevant shift work as soon as a business or person creates a shift.

Broaden your horizons, earn extra money, expand your skills, enjoy your work.


Earn while you learn. Find work to fit perfectly around your schedule. Pick up work that suits you. Use your imagination – face painting, bar work, restaurant, babysitting, computer building, delivery, events management, dog walking, breakdancing, fitness instructor everything is possible through Shiifty. Just have a look and see what you would like to hear about.

Use Shiifty to help get training in your career choice, or use it to find enjoyable work you might not normally consider doing.

But Shiifty is for everyone, no matter your skillset. For a business or employer using this method of finding the right people when they need them will revolutionise the way everyone looks for work and businesses find people to work, cutting out expensive recruitment agents and timely processes.

APPLY TO SHIFTS – Within a minute

  • Set a region, where you want work
  • Choose skills & professions of interest
  • Select how much you want to be paid


  • Notifications to your phone, every time people need you
  • Apply whenever YOU want to work


Available shifts sorted by hourly rate, geographic area, category of work, times of day, or even specific professions, to get the work that bests suits you.


Shiifty helps you find extra hours of work to suit your schedule.
Hear about higher paying last-minute sick cover in your area. Or perhaps your daily office work has given you excellent Excel skills. People nearby might be interested in paying you for some basic MS Excel training in your spare time. Or maybe you work in a cafe during the day and want occasional evening bar shifts? Stuck at a desk during the week, you could offer your knowledge as a personal trainer in the evenings and weekends? Are you an expert writer, great at maths or brilliant with your hands? There is always someone in need of your help.
Use your spare time wisely to broaden your skills, earn extra money and enrich your life doing things you enjoy.